Hi! I am Ian Shih(施貽仁). Currently, I am studying Electrical Engineering in National Taiwan University.
I am deeply enthralled by the application of cross-disciplinary domain, espically multimedia and technologies.
Hence, my research falls in multimedia processing (speech, music, multimodal learning).
Besides research, I'm very much a hands-on person. I'm fascinated in some areas: maker, music improvisations/remix, video vfx...

Maker experience

I love make projects with some hardware device such as Raspberry PI, ESP32 etc.

NTUEE Automatic Theremonitor System

To collect the COVID-19 trace in NTU Campus, my classmates and I develop an Automatic Theremonitor System which record the daily temperature of all the faculty and students in the campus.

We recieved the Social Devotion Special Award on the NTU Anniversary Ceremony by Dr. Chung-Ming Kuan, the President of NTU.

Light Dance

The video is the performance of Light Dance, which is 100% homemade by my peers and me. I am responsible for communication between the lights on each dancers and the laptop playing the music.

Music as my leisure

In my leisure time, I enjoy remixing or composing music!My music compositions/improvisations are now available on SoundCloud! Here is the music I made!


I love applying Visual Effects in videos. One of my hobby is to watch the VFX breakdown of famous movies. It always render me astonished about how realistic VFX can be. The following a video I made, where I replace the MOS Burger logo with MOSFET(a kind of transistor).

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