Music Improvisations and Medleys
I love playing randomly on piano in my leisure time. My music creations are posted on SoundCloud and Instagram. I have a playlist on my About page!


Sensor your music
Collaborate with my peers
Course project

I designed an interface to control PureData by smartphones via web browser

Collaborate with my peers
Course project, recieved cooperation invitation from startup

I developed a profit-sharing system on blockchain that share profits among cover and original composers.

NTUEE LightDance
Collaborate with my peers
Presented at National Taiwan University Art Festival

We built hardware on dancers with led lights and software control system to play background music which is synchronized with the dancer's movement. (I was responsible for the software control and internet socket communication.)

NTUEE Automatic Theremonitor System
Collaborate with my peers
Used on NTU Campus for tracking COVID-19 traces, awarded the Social Devotion Special Award

I am responsible for software programming on Ardunio


M-SpeechCLIP: Leveraging Large-Scale, Pre-Trained Models for Multilingual Speech to Image Retrieval
Layne Berry, Yi-Jen Shih, Hsuan-Fu Wang, Heng-Jui Chang, Hung-yi Lee, David Harwath
Under Review ICASSP

SpeechCLIP: Integrating Speech with Pre-Trained Vision and Language Model
Yi-Jen Shih, Hsuan-Fu Wang, Heng-Jui Chang, Layne Berry, Hung-yi Lee, David Harwath
IEEE Spoken Language Technology Workshop (SLT) 2022

Theme Transformer: Symbolic Music Generation with Theme-Conditioned Transformer
Yi-Jen Shih, Shih-Lun Wu, Frank Zalkow, Meinard Müller, Yi-Hsuan Yang
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM) 2022

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